Listening & Monitoring

what people in online conversations are saying about your brands & products

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WISESIGHT's ZOCIAL EYE offers consumer insights
derived from billion of messages among local people.

Covers all social medias that local people use daily

ZOCIAL EYE collects data on consumer’s voice from a variety of online social media and Local websites

We understand local language and local people well

ZOCIAL EYE understands words in local language including slangs and new words not in the dictionary

Able to display data form the past

ZOCIAL EYE is able to display data up to 90 days backward since the user started tracking

Near real-time tracking

ZOCIAL EYE tracks every message and auto calculates the sentiment and engagement within 4 hours after the original message is posted.

Monitor your competitors

Compare your performance with your competitors with insights.

No need to install additional softwares

ZOCIAL EYE runs on high performance cloud servers. It is ready to use without installing additional softwares


ZOCIAL EYE analyzes social media data from billions message from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pantip,
and popular websites in local.

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SMILE features

Arrange social media engagement across different social networks into single dashboard.

Social media engagement

See how well you perform on the social media sphere

Message & chart filters

Keep an eye on every messages and transform to smart chart


Lets you identify your brand’s influencers in order to intensify their impacts on their fellow followers.

Listen with sentiment

Not only listen but we also come with a sentiment analysis of conversation to accurately determine and understand consumer’s satisfaction and attitude

Easy to customize by yourself

Never wait for a specialist, ZOCIAL EYE is easy to use and easy to customize from the start till the end with our support.

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To monitor over a billion mentions on social media.
Try ZOCIAL EYE and get better consumer insights to improve your social marketing.

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